Knitted + read. Finished In this House of Brede – Really liked it. Went out shopping. Had to go to 5 or 6 places before I found some boiling onions down on Sahara and Maryland Pkwy. Got Leeks at the Mayfair. Went to the drugstore next to the Safeway for Valentines. Got some little books and then played the machine at the Safeway + won $25. Home at one o’clock. Dick had left class at the recess. He helped me with the preparation of the boeuf bourgignonne + we got it into the oven about 2 o’clock. Rich Stanley came over at 3:00 + there was a big argument. Dick at the end telling him to shove his pools + get out. Evidently Rich was drunk – I wasn’t aware + was just annoyed. Dick had started on some wine + I was bugged by that. No word from the bank or Julia. I fixed garlic bread + salad. Eva + Walt came over about 6:30. The dinner was a big success + then we played Risk. The game went on until 2:30 without a winner. Alot to drink. After they left Dick + I sat up + had some more to drink. Bed about 4:30 or so. Alice Turner called in the afternoon to say she was back + we made a date for Monday. Nice letter from Sue Enelow. Also I called Mary + she + Les are coming up the weekend of the 20th which is perfect.