Dick off at 7:15 – I wrote diary and laid out Afghan again – 7 squares left to do + I’ll have it finished certainly be the 22nd. Washed + blocked more squares. Wendy here at 9:30. Went straight to work in kitchen + cleaned out all the underneath drawers + cupboards. I cleared out the closet + desk in the den + finally made a package of Margie’s things. We changed the sheets + I ironed. I called Druscilla to find out where Scotty is (She doesn’t know) and I found out she’d written me in answer to letter. She said it was the funniest she’d gotten in years + had read it aloud to Mary Jean + couldn’t get thru it. Made me happy but very upset as I haven’t gotten her letter. Also no word from Julia Mullen. Whom I wrote a week ago Weds. Now wonder if she got my letter. Leon called – I know it was to ask about the money (without asking.) I’ll call her on Monday. Dick home at 4:00 – Had soup before class + left. I went shopping at 8:30 for dinner tomorrow (Eva + Walt coming) Casey called to invite us out on their boat tomorrow (alas.) And Benny O’Bannion called with another pool for Dick. Reading “In this house of Brede” + love it. Dick’s class tonight dull. We had scrambled eggs + bacon + went to bed.