Busy day. Dick off early. I spent about 5 hours working in the library. Cleared out alot of my files. Got all papers relevant to taxes sorted + put aside. Put aside things to attend to (Lord what a stack) in 2 separate boxes – notes to be written and money to be donated. Sorted out letters from the children through the year. Emptied 2 cartons. Still no trace of the Hacienda Coupon. Strange. Miss Owens of the welfare office called and said she had to be out of town tomorrow on a Foster home case. Could we come in today. I called Dick at Tropicana. We got there at 4 o’clock. She’s very young + I think that threw Dick completely. She said she wasn’t sure we’d been married long enough + quite a few other things. And I know she’s going to take a very dim view of our police records But that’s life and I think we have to face it + work out actually how we feel about them. Dick got very silent and I got very talkative. We were given a huge stack of papers to fill out. Went to see George + Irene afterward + then went to main Post Office + got off Player’s guide entry and book + letter to Louis. Were going to Luigi’s but Howard Warner not there. Went to Wonder World + got groceries + put a few quarters in “my” machine. Came home + had Chinese dinner + watched TV. Went to bed early.