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Dick off at 7:15. I finished note to Aunt Hope + wrote Newcomb + Anne + George + Judy Spicer. Looked for my Hacienda certificate + don’t seem able to find it. Dick called at 10 – to see if I’d heard from Welfare. Hadn’t. Went to the Juvenile Complex for my interview with Bill Fain. Asked on a form if I’d been arrested other than traffic violations. I told him drunk driving. He asked if I’d have any objection to a police check + I said yes. He said “Well maybe we’d better stop right here then.” I said “In that case, no.” I told him we had to go through it anyway for the adoption business but I do object on general principles. He unbent a bit after that. Asked alot of questions + I guess my answers were acceptable. Especially when I said I was in favor of welfare but with more incentive – particularly the allowance of [crossed out letter] higher earnings to welfare recipients. Stopped by Child Haven for a quick check on Vanessa’s knitting. Went to Wonder World + put some money in my machine but no luck. (Greed) Went to Safeway + had lunch. Home at 1:30. No news from Sheldon. Got L.A. tax bill. Dick home. Had been to Blue chip + picked up a vise and a jig saw. Also had been to Connor’s office + taken a financial statement to Jack Kiser at the bank. Should have the loan early next week. He called Mrs. Owens at Welfare + we have an appt. Friday at 4. We napped. Dick read some Real Estate then went out for wine + some hardware. He installed the vise. I wrote Louis Auchinchloss + we watched TV – hot dog + beans + sauerkraut for dinner. I knitted 2 sqs.