Dick off about 8:30 – I paid a few bills – Equitable Savings, John Roberts + L.V. Sun. Made bed, did dishes etc. Left house + went to the Castaways to try my luck at 21 – non existent. Went to bank to deposit $300 from yesterday’s windfall. Then to W.O.W. to see if the microscope had come in yet. Still “en route.” Played my machine + won $12.50 but put it all back in. Went to bank of Las Vegas + saw Jack Kiser. Gave him my quarterly investment survey which is necessary to co-sign the loan. Got the car filled up with gas, went to Safeway for groceries + got home around 3:30. Nice note from Paul Walter and an invitation from George + Judy Spicer to a party on the 7th. Mary had called + I called her back. They maybe coming to town on the 14th. She sounded great. I’d just written her so didn’t want to talk too much! Said I’d call her (when) (if?) I found my certificate for the Hacienda. Phil called + Dick’s going to wire him $50 on Friday so he can come work with him + George. They’re getting busy. [crossed out letters] Dick put alot of time on his shop. I fixed a zucchini casserole for dinner + veal parmiagian. We went to bed for a while + then read a chapter [crossed out letter] of Real Estate all about Easements. Interesting. Dick had a bottle of wine + I had 3 drinks with + after dinner. Somebody called from Gloria Marshall’s + I said I didn’t know when I’d be in!! We watched an odd TV-Movie – hateful people all (Along came a Spider) Then bed + more TV but I drifted off.