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Up at 7 – not too good humor. Dick off after a few misplaced words on both sides. I pottered about – cleaned up the kitchen + started working on the afghan – got it laid out + rearranged mapped it on a paper. Washed + blocked 8 more squares. Bathed + washed hair. Dick home early as the pool wasn’t ready. worked on his shop. Is going to get a $6,000.00 loan for a year to pay off the note (4100) + finish up with the house. I thought that all very good news but he was disturbed by the whole situation. I took off at [crossed out letter] noon. Went to Safeway + shopped. Then to Wonder World to play the machine (#14) – I was ahead a little when suddenly up came 777 – I almost fainted. $262.80. Called Dick who asked me to pick up a toggle switch after making suitable joyful sounds. Went to Child Haven. A little late as it took almost half an hour to get the money. Worked with Vanessa + her sister. Vanessa got really started today + we had a good time. On the way home stopped again at W.O.W. to try the other big one. Stupid but the change girl had told me they often followed. I did win 2 12.50 jackpots but that was it. (!!!!!) Came home. Dick had had a bottle of wine + went out for another. I stuck to coffee. Fixed Pork Roast for dinner + we watched TV. Good movie on about an arsonist I crocheted around 8 squares + knitted another. Still no word from welfare.