Felt alot better + got up today – We went out to breakfast at the Paradise Valley Country Club and then over to Wonder World Played the machine + lost there and at the Safeway. Home by 12:30. Played Risk. Paul + his friend Leona came over about 3:30 + stayed an hour.- It was very pleasant as they were having a good time in Vegas + were both winning money. When they left we resumed our Risk game until Dick had wiped me out + conquered the world. He lit the barbecue fire + went to get some wine. We read 3 chapters (total of 12 pages) of “Real Estate Law.” Then we had some wine + mushrooms + then steak. Lovely dinner. The wine hit us right away after 9 days without drinking. Dick unfortunately had bought two bottles + the second was a big mistake. Bed at 11 and feeling pretty drunk + stupid. Took several aspirins. Dick also finished the whiskey. Wrote Mary + Les today (long letter) + Cotton + Winnie + Izzy. Dick wrote Daddy.