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Dick went to class this morning. I finished the slippers – Had a slight temperature still (100) + spent a very quiet day. Paul Prokop called. Is in town with some girl whose birthday it is. Invited them over tomorrow for breakfast or brunch. He said nothing was certain but he’d try to call. He’s finished his film which runs 4 1/2 minutes. Dick worked on his bench. Put in a bottom shelf. It’s going to be just great. Letter from Bill – drunk – no mention of moving. I just can’t figure it. A large package with a lovely fuzzy coat from Leon!! Fits perfectly + will be wonderful during the present cold weather. He called before I’d opened it. I called him back around 6 o’clock + we had nice chat. I crocheted around 20 squares – Have started blocking them. Would like to get blanket done by Valentine’s day. Dick got a notice from the bank – the note for 4100 due on the 17th. Depressing as no sign of anyone buying. He’ll have to borrow to pay the note. Steak for dinner. [crossed out letters] I watched “The Front Page” on TV. Dick asleep. Disappointed – it didn’t come over at all as far as I was concerned. Bed at 11:00.