Had slight temperature. Stayed in bed for a bit. Got up when Wendy came. I cleaned the master bathroom today so she could do a more thorough job in other areas. And I cleaned + dusted all the pictures (glassed) in the house. Also cleaned out bathroom cabinet shelves. I mended Dick’s trousers and the hole in the bedspread. I put a felt patch in back + then covered it with a daisy. Washed the spread + the daisy fuzzed up a bit but still looks fine. Very proud of it. Did alot of laundry. Dick lit the barbecue and we had barbecued hamburgers. At 3 I went back to bed. Dick built a work bench in the shop. I went out to see it when he’d finished and it looks great! We both napped + then he took off for his real estate class at 6:40. I had some soup + aspargras [asparagus] + turned on the TV. Decided to try the pattern for slippers in the beginner’s knitting book. Had one finished by the time Dick came home at 9:30. Think I’ll try to push the kids to do them next time as they have a chance of finishing. We called Welfare this A.M. and have been assigned a caseworker – A Miss (Mrs?) Owens. But they are behind + won’t call til Monday or so. Paid Hayes bill. We watched Love American Style + then to sleep.