Dick off to Boulder City today – I paid bills – American Express, Phone Service, Gloria Marshall w/frosty letter and Lazaro Mendoza. I called Silver State to pick up garbage + called Pat Robeson to read her my G.M. Letter. fixed raw vegetables to snack on and then went through my yarn – Put together 3 bags of it. Called Linda who said to come down at two. Had 3 or 4 girls who were interested in knitting. I went to Sprouse-Reitz + bought more wool. And more needles – about $10. Went to Kustom Knits + got 2 copies of Beginners’ book. Went to Child Haven Started Sharon off on a vest + 3 other girls all a little older. [crossed out letter] Margaret, Cathie + Ronnie. Then a little Negro girl Eamilee + I started her on a scarf. Had begun sneezing there + thought it was the disinfectant but when I left an hour and a half later realized I’d gotten a full-fledged cold. Bought some groceries, put some quarters in my faithful machine + hit a $25 jackpot!! Just incredible. Am concerned about the crafts set up at Child Haven – the girls should be allowed to take their knitting home if it isn’t finished but the turnover is such that at a dollar a pair of needles to say nothing of the yarn it mounts up very quickly. Came home + napped. Dick went out + bought me some Contac – Ate stewed tomatos [tomatoes] for dinner + Dick ate soup. Played monopoly (I can’t win) – Bed + TV about 8:30 with large mug of tea – Bed at 11:00 – gave Dick a sleeping pill. No call yet from Welfare.