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Dick off early. I wrote a couple of cards for Joan Rivers to NBC. Then wrote a letter to Julia Mullen asking her to put $2500 in the Bank of New York for me for Leon mostly. Made hair appt for 11:30 – Had cut + manicure. Went to B’way yarn shop + found a good book for beginners. Bought some needles + bobbins + several pattern books. Went to W.O.W. to inquire about microscope. Not in yet. Played slot machine + left $8 winners. Went + bought Dick’s real estate books – $18.50 also a note book + Martin Chuzzlewit for me. Then to Sprouse Reitz for wool. Next the Safeway for groceries + lunch. Won 3 12.50 jackpots within 5 minutes! gave change lady $2 – had given girl at W.O.W. $1 – made (net) $27. Not bad. Home by 3. Welfare hadn’t called + once again I’d left the oven on! Read John Le Carre’s book – A small town in Germany. Very Good. We watched some TV. Had lamb for dinner. I finished the 2nd sock except for the seams + loose ends. We went to bed at 10 o’clock. I’m down to 120 lbs + Dick is at 168. We’ve gotten alot more done – not drinking.