George + Richard over at 8 + they all took off for Boulder City. I finished the letter to Joanne Moyler. 4 typewritten single space pages. Was late getting off to Desert Inn so jammed on wig – Harpo Marx rides again – Went to Skillet Room (Liked the D.I.) sat with ex-follies girl named Kay Griss who filled me in on local gossip as well as non-local (Bernice Janssen – David Janssen’s Mother etc. ) Samuel Robert’s fashions – leather. Didn’t really send me. Saw Jan Goldsmith after. Saw Lucy Foley in shop. Played a few hands of 21 and left $13 ahead. Went to buy Real Estate books for Dick’s course and somebody had made a mistake + sent them all back!!!! Girl very vague about it. Went to get some yarn + needles and simple patterns for Sharon at Child Haven + there weren’t any. Came home disgruntled. No mail + was glad – Fritz had called + Dick suggested he come to dinner. When he called back I told him we were going out which was okay with him as he had some meetings to go to. He + Snicks came over at 5 to see the house – pleasant visit although the local reaction to show has cooled off somewhat. We had TV dinners after they left and then went to bed about 9:00 – no booze but odd how tired we get. Dick cleaned up kitchen for me this afternoon.