Dick off about 8:30. I left the house at 9 after calling Leon who was much relieved about the money. Went to Child Haven Got there about 9:20 + stayed til almost noon. Had taken books but never read them. Took large typing pad + we made boxes + boats + hats + balloons + I learned how to make gliders. Had a good time + enjoyed the children. A few fights. Morning spent out doors. I was mostly with littler children. An awkward (11-13?) pleasant girl named Sharon wanted to [crossed out letters] “make something” – already knows how to knit and I told her I’d bring her some yarn + needles. Came back via Safeway + got a leg of lamb and other goodies. Dick had soup for lunch and I had a diet lunch. He went off [crossed out letters] to register for the real estate course and pick up some materials. The mail came including a “Final Notice” from Gloria Marshall for my $37.50. Said they’d be forced to take action. As I’m paid up for some 20 sessions I haven’t even taken yet I was furious. Called Judy + told her she could tell Larraine to go Fuck herself. There we have the reasoning adult. Then to complete the adult reaction I ate a honey bun, a toll house cookie + 2 dishes of ice cream. That should really hurt G.M! It was so dumb I was ashamed. Dick back at 3:00. – We played Perquacky. He worked out doors + I finished note to Rae O’Dell + wrote Lyle. We went to meet Fritz Holt + never found him. Despite paging + checking with desk. Home. Lamb not ready til 9. Watched Bette Davis in dumb story although she looked great. Watched a movie + went to bed. No Booze.