A very quiet relaxed day – we got up around ten or so after the Sunday papers + coffee in bed. I tried to call Joan Rivers but no luck – She’s in Beverly Hills. Left a message. We played monopoly and I was better today. Called Lucy Foley and am going to Child Haven tomorrow around 9:30 – Snicks called to say Fritz is coming in tomorrow at 7. Said we’d meet him if we could. Dick went to the store and I started a note to Rae O’Dell + Doug Menville. Dick + I talked this A.M. about Leon + I’m going to lend him 2,000 and then Dick will send the rest when he sells the house. Tried to call Leon but he was out. We played Risk from 5:00 to almost ten. Nobody won although I guess I had the edge. Dick has a natural aptitude for it however. Made snack suppers. Watched Mission Impossible + went to bed – Again no booze + we’re both feeling great. Paid a few bills.