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Up at 6:30 – Coffee – went to the International for breakfast with Sheldon. Woke him – bed at 3:00 – Very funny pleasant time. Had diet breakfast. Sheldon treated. Went to Juvenile complex after + left books + magazines. Then to look at a job Then the Safeway Somebody hit the progressive machine for $325.00 last night. Whee! Bought all sorts of goodies. Came home and played Perquacky + had a “piece” lunch. After I fixed the chicken paprikash. Mail brought several bills we were just about to go to bed when Leon called. Long talk + I could sense the panic. Asked him how he’s doing and the answer is badly. The bank won’t loan him money etc. We’ve got to do something but as Dick had offered him $5,000 from the sale of the house I didn’t want to trespass on his ground without talking it over. Dick upset – doesn’t obviously want to dump the property although he keeps talking about it. I said Let’s go to bed + he said I wasn’t in the mood any more – “I know you”. Well he was all wrong – Dick’s problems may occupy me but nobody else’s except my own. I went + took a nap + so did he at opposite ends of the house – Cassie called to say she’d seen me on Green Acres (I’d forgotten). Jack + Joyce never showed. So we ate about 8:00. Joyce called at 9 + said that Billy + Freddie had stopped by + they’d “just gotten rid of them” + could they still come over. Pretty poor type excuse to say the least but we were both just as glad they hadn’t come. Watched green acres – wig looked fine. Played Monopoly. Alot to get the hang of! No booze – bed at midnight