Dick off by 7:30. I phoned the Welfare office at the crack of 8:00 – There was someone on Mr. Carrick’s line + one holding. Called at 8:10 + was number 5! Will get a call by Weds. Called Julia Mullen + have asked her to up my money to $1300 a month – that will cover the raise for Bill. Called Sheldon Audelson – not there. Wrote a note to Annie. Wendy here at [crossed out word] 11:00 I left at noon. Had started a letter to Rita’s college roommate, Joanne Moyler + on re-reading the diary of that period found myself wondering at just how I got through it all. At the same time though I think that until the last 2 weeks or so things were as good for Rita as they could have been in her situation. Blah Blah Blah – very depressing. Went to Tropicana to ask Joyce to dinner – had already left. Went to bank to deposit check from Lookout. Jim Schaefer not there so left it with a teller for immediate credit. Went to Wonder World + picked up prints. Home about 4:00 – Denny here. He + Wendy left about 5. Dick + I read + napped. Invited J + J for dinner tomorrow. We didn’t have anything to drink today. Played Perquacky – fun. Nice evening Sheldon Audelson called!!! Was at the International + we made breakfast date He didn’t feel my record was anything to interfere with an adoption

Benny O’Bannion over for a while – we were watching “Love American Style” until the transmission fell apart + they ran a documentary film in it’s place –