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Up early. Dick off to work. I wrote a long + rather funny letter to Drue + Dick. Also wrote Bill Wellborne + offered to up the ante to $500 or $550 for him to find a hotel apartment or a regular apartment. Anything to get him out of the Keeler. Called Lucy Foley – but not there. Called Alice Turner. Went to Las Vegas Blood Services to donate a pint for Judy Bayley’s grandson. (Feel I owe it to the Hacienda as that’s where we met.) Stopped at the Castaways on the way home + won $40.00. Am now about $150 or more ahead since we got back and it’s certainly come in handy. Dick not too pleased with me when I got home but quickly over. Had good letter from Daddy, note from Judy + Bob + one from Gus Durkin’s sister on his behalf, An envelope of old pictures of me that Peter had found among his stuff plus brief note and a letter from Rita’s college roommate asking for details on Rita’s last days etc. We dressed + went to the Golden Nugget for dinner + then to the adoption meeting – About 17 couples there. Interesting + scary to me as they send in fingerprints in to the FBI + your complete record is returned. With our Drunk arrests we may be considered pretty gaudy material. Dick seemed to feel we were all right but I have my doubts. We stopped at the Elbow room + had a couple of drinks (first of the day) + home by 10:30 – Bed.