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Dick off around 8 – I wrote diary + called Timmy. Had a good chat with him + we sort of fixed the end of Feb. for a visit. Went to the Juvenile complex at 9:30. Geraldine Davis, Helen Zornes + Joyce Good there. Bill Fain took us around. Interesting + depressing. As far as Child Haven is concerned he told us if it weren’t a county facility it wouldn’t be permitted to operate because it couldn’t meet the standards. Left about 11:30. Went by Alice Turner’s but the car wasn’t there so went on. Stopped at Wonder World + Safeway + put yesterday’s winnings into the machines. Even now but I guess it was arrogant stupidity to think I could keep on winning. Home at two. Dick home earlyish. Pat Robeson came by about 3. Had a glass of wine with us + chatted a bit. Mail brought a really good letter from Bill who’s gotten himself a Doctor + the tab is being picked up by N.Y. State. It was a good letter from all points of view. Rent still not here. After Pat left we napped + read + then I fixed dinner. I wasn’t too happy with Dick who’d stopped by T.J.’s again on the way home. However after finishing the wine in the house he didn’t go out for more and sobered up as the evening went on. They’ve got alot of work lined up + I’ll be glad when it really gets under way. Made out checks for Timmy + Dr. Richman + Drue + Dick – Good dinner. Pleasant TV – bed at 11 –