Up at 6 am + thought I might die. Took aspirin + drank juice + went to bed til 8 – lived + felt quite well. Dick not going to work til 11:00 so George over at 10:30 – Coffee – they left at 11:30 to look at some jobs. I tried to call Timmy – couldn’t get him. Called Annie in Detroit to see if her Father could help get Bill in a hospital. She seemed to think he could. I called Alice Turner to thank her for the party + ask questions about CCA points I put mine in an envelope + mailed them to Norm Lamb. Had 27,845 which isn’t bad. Went to [crossed out letters] Safeway for groceries. Cashed check for $20. Spent $7 on liquor and $15 on groceries. Put $14 in machines + lost. Went to the Hacienda to cash a $60 check on Bank of N.Y. Played Keno + Roulette and 21 for about an hour. Left $60 richer. Was very lucky at Black Jack. Day’s profit $44.00. Home in time for Bill’s call – 4-7 But he never called. We had a message from Mr. Carrick of the Welfare Service + the adoption meeting is Thursday night. Dick came home a bit worse for wear having stopped at the Red Barn and T.J.’s. Napped. Fixed ham for dinner + watched TV. Haven’t received the rent yet from the Browns – Wish Carolyn would be a little prompter. Bed at 11 – Watched “My Sweet Charlie” on TV – thought it very good. Dick called the people next door on Bonita which I was sorry about.