Dick up about 8 o’clock + off to work. I left at 8:35 + got to the Juvenile Complex about 9 o’clock Vivian Woods there. I’m not too sure I like her. A nice lady named Geraldine Davis and a cute girl named Margie something. Jean Cahlen the guild president there. It was a fascinating day and I was extremely impressed by the calibre of the personnel + there dedication + involvement with the kids. James Carmany the Director started us off – Bill Fain introduced each new session. We learned the structure + process of the Juvenile court, the psychologist talked to us and directors of the Intake + Probation + Protective services. In the afternoon Clark Power who’s in charge of the programs for detention spoke to us out on the lawn. No room inside. Then Linda Tarr who works in Child Haven spoke. Finished about 3:30. A completely engrossing day + I can’t wait to get involved with the program. Shopped at Pantry Pride. Home about 4:30. Dick had a bottle of Cold Duck + I joined him. Then wanted more. We went over to Jack + Joyce’s + drank one bottle there. By the time the evening was out we had 3 bottles of Cold Duck and 2 of burgundy. Dick fixed dinner and I don’t even remember going to bed.