Up around 9:30 – Bill up shortly later. I wrote a note to Stephen Longstreet and a very brief one to Leon to go with the books which Bill said he’d take. Dick staying in bed again today. His docility makes me feel he probably really needs it. I took Bill to the airport + then went to the Safeway. Put a quarter in the machine + hit 12.50. Put some back but came out with groceries for dinner and $15 in my wallet instead of the $14 I went in with. I’ve been very lucky lately! Went to the house on Bonita + took up Jessie Emmett’s sign. Came home. The ad in the paper looked very well. Only trouble nobody called all day. Also Dick discovered there’s another month to go on the multiple listings. Oh dear. Oh dear. Read alot of the day. Dick finished “One on the House” + really enjoyed it Wish they’d make a series of those books. Looked at the last 6 minutes of the Pro-Bowl game. The west won. Dick bathed + shaved (I barbered) + we watched more TV. Sausages for dinner. I go back on Gloria Marshall diet tomorrow. Spoke with Pat Robison + we called Liza who had two little boys. John MacConnahay (sp?) + Logan Middleton. She had sort of a bad time + was so relieved it was over. Had her tubes tied to make it final. We went to bed at 10:00 + watched “The Bold Ones” – I only lasted a half hour but Dick sat up + watched til 1:30 – Service guild tomorrow.