Up earlyish – Wrote a note to Joan Crane Lyons. Dick not working as the plumbing inspection on McKay’s pool won’t be done til Monday. He went to put a large ad in the paper for Bonita. Wendy here about 10:30 – Dick worked in the garage alot of the day putting up sheetrock. I wrote Bill Wellborne Hope it was the right letter for him. [crossed out letter] I tried to call Val de Vargas + couldn’t get him. Called Lester about Bill + said I wanted to pay hosp. bills etc. Jimmy Judge over + had some tea. Jimmy told Dick who’s feeling fluey to soak in epsom salts + go to bed. Bill Tregoe called + we asked him over for dinner. Went with Wendy to Safeway + played a few quarters – partners – I hit a $25 jackpot and a little more besides. We both left with groceries plus $10 profit a piece. Whee. Fixed Roast beef for Bill + we had pleasant evening + dinner. He left at 8 o’clock. Dick bathed + soaked + I gave him a shave + he went to bed + we both watched TV in the bedroom. I finished pattern on 2nd sock. We watched Joan Rivers hosting the Johnny Carson Show – Very funny.