Wakened at 6:30 by a phone call from mom – who wondered if we’d gotten back safely. Nice chat + was glad she’d called. George over around 9:30 and not too long after Benny O’Bannion came by. Has gone into business for himself and Dick and George will be his “deck men.” – he may be guilty of a bit of bull shit but I find him appealing + pleasantly positive in his thinking. Took a few boxes out of the garage. Dick going to start fixing a work bench. Not feeling too well today – a trifle fluey (Dick not I.) called Bill + Dick went over to pick him up at the Flamingo after I’d given him a shave, Bill here for lunch – having a hectic time to say the least. Gave him the VW for the rest of his stay. After he left Dick read that Pat O’Brien is [crossed out word] talking tonight at Caesar’s Palace. Called Bill but neither he nor I could reach Pat. We read for a bit – fixed TV dinners. Called Doug Forde about Bill – there is a place called Rancho Los Amigos in Calif. where they do alot of emphysema rehabilitation – however for anyone not a resident of the county it’s $100 a day. Good God. But Doug’s main point was valid. How does Bill feel about the whole thing? Does he want to live? Or is he self-destructive beyond repair. Blah Blah. Suggested I write Bill laying it on the line + then get him to a N.Y. hospital for an evaluation + have the results sent to him. Will write Bill tomorrow. We watched the Bob Hope Christmas Special – Benny stopped by again. Had letter from Daddy that Minnie Crane died last week. Letter from Liza who goes to the hosp. today for a caesarian for the twins