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Crazy day in some ways – Up early – laundry, bed, diary etc. Happened to see in the paper about a movie casting at the Bonanza “Satan casts no Shadows” – [crossed out letter] “no fee involved” knew it had to be nutty but decided to go. Told Dick when he called. Wrote Dr. Bentley and paid Dr. Clarke for Pap test, Bathed + dressed + wigged + rode off into the overcast day. Bonanza “opera house” dark as a closet. Met Pat (Amaral) Peterson who’s working with the Producer. Has married + moved to Vegas. Used to be with Stalmaster so knew me. The movie a “sexploitation – 90% nudie” + non SAG but they may be doing others in the future – She invited me to the set next week. Told her I’d be intrigued. Heard a page for Jack Edelman + wondered if it was the same but couldn’t find out. Gambled a little + lost. Went to Dana McKay’s for jiffy-mailers + had a hell of a time finding the place. Finally did. Bought a few mailers all the wrong size but all they had + registered for CCA points. Bought “How Things Work” for Dick and the “Parade goes by” for me. Left with 2400 pts. Called Dick. Had a hamburger, picked up our cleaning + came home. Bill Tregoe in town at the Flamingo trying to help out Zsa-Zsa’s Show. Talked with him + will see him tomorrow. Several Tax statements in the mail. Read + napped. Eyes very tired. Dick fixed chicken livers for dinner + we watched TV. Have been thinking about Bill Wellborne + feel I ought to get him out of New York. I’ve left him $10,000 in my will but what good will it do him if he dies first and I’m afraid he will + soon without care. Can’t ask him here – just can’t. But there must be something to do. Will talk it over with Dick –