Good day from pt. of view of getting things done. Wrote long letter to Daddy – 5 legal pad pages told him we were going to adopt. Told him everything that had been happening. Called local Am. Express as last bill contained no statement. Lady gave me name of customer service man in N.Y. + I wrote him. Wrote Jane Moran + Ethel + Doris MacNeil. Did dishes, bed + finished some laundry. Out about 2 – Went to stationery store + bought new typewriter ribbon some manilla envelopes + white pads – couldn’t get jiffy – mailers for Daddy’s books. Will try Dana McKay. Went to Wonder World + left film Boy at counter knows Dick + wants to work. Took his number + name (Karl Hansen.) Put $10 in machine [crossed out word] without winnings. Bought groceries. Home Very funny letter from Annie. Esp. an enclosure of letter written in early ’44 to her father asking for money. Dick + I made toll house cookies. He did all the work – I supervised. I fixed veal parmiagian [parmigiana] for dinner while he showered + then I gave him a shave. We watched some TV + had dinner. I finished pattern on 1st sock. A show on Hamlet on Ch 10 at 9 o’clock. Great. Gielgud narrating and clips from many Hamlet’s – Olivier – Nichol Williamson, Brian Bedford, Maxilmillian Schell (in German) a Russian Hamlet – interviews with Dick Chamberlain, Tom Courtenay, Brian Bedford, several Directors, + beautiful recitations by Gielgud. Bed after. Very tired but felt good. I guess getting the long letter off to Daddy was what I felt best about.