Earlyish. George over. Has gone on diet. Good for him. I’m inching back down. He + Dick went out to look at a job. I typed two bills for them and later when they came back, a proposal for a new job. They definitely have two lined up. Whee! I called the Nevada Welfare Service + spoke to a Mr. Carrick about adoption. He was very optimistic + extremely encouraging. They wait til they get a dozen or so couples + have a group meeting before accepting + processing applications. The next meeting will be within 2 weeks. I paid our mortgage + went to Ballard Drive to pick up Alice Turner. Was a little early so we chatted a bit before going in her car to the meeting. Orientation begins next Monday morning. Short meeting. Went to Vegas Village + bought a couple of books. Looked for a microscope for Andy but none to be had. Had a sandwich + came home. Dick all excited + pleased at the thought of a baby. So am I. Read detective story -“Nerve” by Dick [crossed out letters] Francis – excellent – fixed stuffed peppers for dinner. Cute notes from Patsy + Abby. Dick reading “Ann Lander’s book + enthralled. We watched TV. I knitted – Bed about eleven.