Up around 8:30 Jimmy Judge over – Gave Dick $250.00 (I learned later) Had coffee with us. Dick called Jack Woods + discovered our trouble is not covered by the policy. Only the damage caused by the broken pipe. Does odor consist a damage? Odor strong all day. We went grocery shopping + came back + watched the football (super bowl) game. Dick explained enough so I could understand a little. I knitted on socks, started a letter to Daddy. Dick went outside + started poking around + glory be discovered the root of our trouble. And not too hard to fix. Called the Roto Rooter man who came out at 5 and a half hour later the situation was cleared up. Except for the stink which will take a little time. We watched several movies on TV – I fixed ham for dinner and we went to bed about 10:30 – watched a little more TV. Saw the news + evidently the Nigerian-Biafran war is at an end. Now everybody’s showing “concern” (or maybe just “feeling” it) for the remaining Biafrans. It’s so damn tragic.