Up about 8 o’clock or so – getting caught up a little on sleep. Dick very busy outdoors – fixed pipe outside. Cesspool Septic tank man came over + found a blockage on the baffle to the septic tank. $750 for the service call but we considered ourselves lucky. Then discovered the water still wasn’t going in to the tank. The leak in the pipe under the house evidently very bad + the water under there some 6 to 8″ high. Ugh. Ed Kulick over briefly to say Happy New Year. Called Irene to thank her for gift. Dick fixed kitchen faucet and planted J + J’s tree out in the front yard. After a late lunch we napped + I slept like a log. Up at 4:30 or so – bathed + washed hair + dressed in our his + hers sweaters + went over to J + J’s for dinner. I started a new pair of socks to keep from drinking too much. Joyce served a beautiful dinner. Jack got drunker than I’ve ever seen him falling down, very abusive about the Jigaboos etc. all in being his otherwise charming self. Depressing as hell. We came back around eleven. Dick depressed about the house + determined to crawl under there tomorrow despite the fact that this morning he said he didn’t want to. He’d switched from wine to bourbon d(via one shot of vodka) at the end of our visit to J + J’s and if I hadn’t stayed sober we would or could have had another argument very easily. I’m going to try very hard this coming year to avoid getting drunk. Bed a little after midnight.