First day at home and so good to be back despite a few aggravations like dug up lawn (dogs) + water under the house (cause not certain) Called people to come pump out septic tank tomorrow. Eddie Royce called from New York. Working at Bon Marché + not happy although has important job. George over about 9 o’clock for coffee – He + Dick off to look at a job. I unpacked a couple of suitcases and did about four loads of laundry through the day. Called Wendy. Dick home about 11:30 – The people didn’t show. We made love, had lunch + I gave Dick a shave. He waited around for a call (which didn’t come) til 3 o’clock + then off to see Morey at WMK “about a deal.” I paid a few bills – garbage, Variety, Hayes Service + exterminator. Also signed an approval for Chem bank. Took vast load of cleaning + laundry over to Steemer’s, picked up some sheets + got groceries. Ran into Wendy. More mail – Aunt Hope, Bill Tregoe, Bentley’s office (negative Pap Smear) S.A.G. card etc. Call from Alice Turner to invite me to a birthday party for Lucille Brown on the 17th. How nice [crossed out letters] We had a few drinks + I fixed steak + we watched TV. Called Irene to thank her for the really nice “smoking stand” she gave us + she was at church. She’d been at church this a.m. + last night. George said he’d told her to take her goddamn bed with her. He was “sobering up on frozen tomato juice.” Don’t know why the conversation struck me so funny but it did. We watched sad movie “Savage Innocence” + then to bed. Sleep by eleven.