Breakfast – 10:30 or 11:00 – with Annie + Joe + Hangover. Joined by Ben Strobach (?) Sick. Sick Sick Left at 12:45 – had been unaware of time. Dashed upstairs – Dick up like a shot. Jammed stuff in cases. paid w/ American Express card. 8° outside. Dick brought car around. Got to airport + realized we’d left Hertz contract in Hotel drawer. Got to check-in counter + realized we’d left one plane ticket ditto!! Bought new one with Am. Express. Had uneatable lunch served by the World’s most unattractive waitresses. Plane didn’t leave until 3:45. Delay in Chicago!!!! temp. (with “wind-chill factor) 43° below zero. Drinks + dinner. Home at 8:00 o’clock. Jimmy met us. Mountains of mail, Pipe broken + no water. Dick fixed it as I went thru mail. Very dear thank you notes from children, letters from Carl + Sue + Ben Wright and Mary + Les. Big vat of cheese from Aunt Hope. Studio photo from Janice – cat on a terra cotta roof – Marvelous insulated pitcher + cup set from Sue + Carl. We had a couple of drinks, watched Dragnet, called George + Jack + Joyce and went to bed + made love Good to be home.