Dick off about 7:15 – I wrote some cards + called Julia Mullen. The check didn’t go out until Tuesday. She said they’d wire some more to the bank + it will be there tomorrow. I told her I probably wouldn’t return the other check when it gets here. I went to the Hacienda to cash a check from my California acct. Stayed to play Keno. Won “2 fun filled nights + 3 sun filled Days” at a drawing. One hour later I won a bottle of champagne. Didn’t win at Keno. Did win at Roulette, did win at 21. Not much but I left just about even after 2 hours. Went to wonder world to take film + buy film, get keys made + get groceries. Won 2 jackpots for 12.50 each there. Came home with all the stuff + $10 profit. Called Dorothy about Leon’s shirt size – 16 1/2 neck. Dick asleep when I got back. Baked a pie. We both bathed + watched TV. I gave Dick a shave. We had TV dinners + then I went over to invite the Isoms and the Kulicks for a drink + to meet Jimmy Judge. Both – Casey + Betty were in pajamas so declined. Jimmy arrived with huge present at 9. Good visit. He’s coming over with his friend Richard on Sunday. Interesting talk about the car business.

He left at 10 + we went to bed. Funny bit over at the Isoms. I almost stuck my head through their mirror thinking it was a window. Shades of the Broom closet.