Didn’t get very much done today despite good intentions. No money arrived + I’m getting uneasy. Carolyn’s always late but the check from the bank should have gotten here. Wrote a few cards + a long letter to Rich Ware. I found his address in my address book. The very last place ever That would have occurred to me. Went + had my haircut + a manicure + then got a few groceries + went to the Post Office. Mailed off some 70 cards + the Longstreet art book to Rich. Came home + took some pictures of the house. Read. Finished a collection of ESP stories + started another book on Prophecy + Prediction Dick home about 4, Nobody’s paid him + he’s uneasy too He gave some lady a deservedly hard time on the phone. Only I felt sorry for her because nobody else had done their work + in her mind she felt the deck shouldn’t be paid for until the fence was up + the lawn in etc. Dick’s work was finished 2 weeks ago + he should be paid. Gloria Marshall’s called to ask if I was sick + I said NO I was broke + would be in in January. Dale + Clark came over + we told them to start work on Dick’s truck + we’d pay them tomorrow. We had stuffed peppers for dinner + watched TV including Hee Haw which is back on the air. Called Jack + Joyce to watch it + they gave a salute to Mule Shoe, Texas. We went to bed at 9 + watched a movie “Busy Body” til about 10:30 when we couldn’t keep awake.