Diary – Called Dr. Richman’s office + have 2 appts. – Mon. 29th + Weds. the 31st. Made a list of Las Vegas cards Wrote about 15 or 20. Cleaned out ice box. Called for hair appt tomorrow + called Peggy Wiseman about orientation for the Childrens Service Guild. Everything such a general state of mess + confusion that I didn’t really accomplish much. Pat Robeson came over around 1:00 Left with half a cheesecake, 2 prs of stockings + a volume of Thurber. Dick was home + we both started piling stuff on her. Wish we could have added the laundry, dishes + several other things. She’d innocently enough brought us a copy of Steig’s ABCDB. After she left we went to bed, read, made love + napped. Snicks had called in the A.M. and I felt I really couldn’t put off dinner any longer. We went to the Safeway but no veal. Finally got some at Mayfair Market. Fixed veal parmiagian [parmigiana] for dinner. We watched TV. Snicks off at 8:20 for a class. We watched a movie, “Silent Gun” + then to bed. Dick – a little smashed as he’d been sipping Old Fashioneds all night – Cards from Annie, Denny, Patsy + some local. No check yet from either the bank or the Browns – we’re treading on extremely thin ice.