Slept in. Up about 9. Dick + George over a little later. Barkis + Humbug had torn the insulation out in the garage. Mess. Gave George his socks. Wrote a long letter to Ben + Muriel Wright. Wrote a few Christmas cards. Turned the house upside down looking for Rich Ware’s new address. Can’t find it. Check didn’t come today. Either from Julia or rent check for Browns. Oh dear. Cashed $30 check and bought groceries. Went to look at Dick’s job at Howard Warner’s. Really beautiful. Home. More cards. Have done about 60 now. We went over to Jack + Joyce’s to take back a drill. Gave them their Xmas present. The Sears. catalogue. They really liked it. Had several drinks there. Joyce told me Jack didn’t make love to her anymore, which startled me as a confession. Talked about it a little with Dick after. Guess. She was a little high. Leon called me about a possible job. I fixed ham for dinner, We watched television (dreary), I gave Dick a Shave (I’m getting very good) + we went to bed.