Spent the morning writing cards Dale + Clark came over to do a little work. Have done about 51 cards now. Horoscope said to call an old friend. So I called Harold Stern – things are finally looking up for him so I was glad I’d called. Went to meet Leon + Magda at 12:53. The plane was an hour late so I went to Foxy’s + got some corn beef + pastrami which Dick had asked me to do. Got back + the plane came in 15 minutes earlier + they’d changed the gate. Rushed about frantically + finally was found by Magda We got back to the house just as Dick came home. Fixed sandwiches + was glad I’d gotten The stuff as it was gone in half an hour. Sat around + had drinks + talked + laughed til about 5 o’clock. Leon laden with gifts for Daddy + Jim + Hilary + Dick’s family. Also the art book for Dr. Ware. I gave Dick the clock radio so he could lend it to Leon. We then took a nap. When I got up at 6:30 Magda had set the table + fixed a salad + cleaned up the kitchen. Wow. Funny dinner. After I dressed (Magda did the dishes) + We went to the Fremont. Next to the Horse shoe. All lost money. Dick got me to cash a check for $150 on Bank of N.Y. $30 more than I have in the acct. Then he went to cash a check + didn’t come back – At least he did but couldn’t find us. We waited 3 hours at the bar for him. Finally I called the house + he was here. I was furious. Took a cab home. Magda + I stayed up til 8:30 I made her read all my poetry. Crap!