Up early. Wrote some cards. Diary. futzed about. – Called Magda who already had the flight. numbers. Wendy by to get an advance then took Denny to work + the Kids to school. Back at 10: Left at 10:30 all very confusing. I went to the airport with 11 packages. Then to the bank + cashed Daddy’s check. Went to Wonder World – No camera there to my liking. Picked up cleaning, bought a Brownie – Flash camera at the Sav-on Drug. Bought groceries, some boxes, and gas for the car. Also stamps at the airport. Including $10 on a slot machine (Bad Punkin) I’d spent over a $100 by the time I got home – $34 at the P.O. + $32 for groceries + liquor. Denny + Christy here when I got back + the dogs in a state. Too much too much. Asked Denny to take Christy home. Buried myself in the backroom with cards. About 8 arrived today including Dick Kneeland. We’ll [crossed out letter] have such fun in N.Y. Dick home just after Wendy finished – we had a drink. Denny came over to get Wendy + joined us. For the first time I liked him + realized he’s painfully shy. Explains alot. After they left we went to bed for a bit. Then watched TV + did some cards. Sausage dinner, I gave Dick a shave + we watched a little more TV in bed. A special Delivery form Bill today saying he’d gotten the letter. Judy Massoli called a little smashed about 9 o’clock + asked us over to a party. But we couldn’t make it as Dick had to work tomorrow.