Well, well well – what a loverly day. Did two days of diary. Called Tulsa + talked to Ruby. Got Anne’s Hospital + called her. Congratulations etc. Ted Matz called for Dick, wanted them to lay off setting the forms etc. Went to find Dick at Howard Warner’s. He was finishing the steps + couldn’t leave + George + Phil had already gone to set up so I called Ted Matz + explained. I took my winter coat to the cleaners for alterations + then went to Sav-on Drug + bought some film + flash bulbs for my old Brownie Hawkeye. Also a clock radio for Dick. Bought some boxes at Sprouse Reitz + groceries at the Safeway. Came home + called Julia + asked her to send $500. Felt very good afterward as now I can make a few contributions here + there. Wrapped alot more gifts + bathed + washed my hair. Off for my physical at Dr. Bentley’s. I liked him immensely. Talked over worries about pregnancy + evidently there is no reason why I can’t get pregnant. He asked if Dick had been checked but I don’t care about that. I think he’d feel awful if it turned out he couldn’t + it wouldn’t be worth it. Chances are if we go ahead + adopt we’ll end up having one of our own anyway. I’m in fine shape. I went out to pay at the desk (or to ask them to bill me) + the nurse said my papers were marked “N.C.” for No Charge. I couldn’t believe it. Rushed back to Bentley + told him I was a big girl now. But he said he wanted to for Daddy + St. Lukes so I hugged him + skipped out. WOW. Went to Woolco + bought some more wrapping paper + a tiny screw driver for my camera. Came home + found a $100 Check from Daddy + received a $100 bill from Dick. Talk about rags to riches. Cards arrived – about 7 or 8. Must get started. fixed chicken paprikash for dinner. Wrapped presents. We broke the camera in trying to fix it but that put only a temporary damper on my spirits. Think everything’s really in very good shape.