Busy Day. Dick off at 7:15. I caught up a little more diary – Still have about 15 blank days. Thank God for the lists. Tried Snicks + couldn’t get him Went to Airport + mailed pkges to Newcomb + Anne, Jim + Hilary + Jane Moran. Paid for Leon + Magda’s tickets. Took in cleaning + was told they could alter my coat there. Went grocery shopping + then over to Wonder World to the camera section. Met Mr. Neilson. My camera is broken. He gave me the name of someone to fix it. Also told me how possibly I can compensate for over-exposure. Bought some picture frames + more wrapping paper. Went to the B’way + got presents for Mary, Mom + Cassie. Candle shop for Aunt Hope + Liza + John. Picked up a 50 lb bag of bird seed. Came home + made chocolate pudding + a chocolate pie. Packed boxes for the Woeltzes + the Keenans. Dick home at 4:30. Picked up most of the leaves in the backyard as the boys haven’t been back. Telegram from Newcomb that Anne had had a little boy – Mather Cleveland the 2nd. Daddy will be so pleased. I felt a horrible twinge of jealousy + I am ashamed of it. Tried to call Tulsa but line busy + later I was. Dale came over at 6:30 for help on his story – due tomorrow. I’d promised to give Dick a shave + he wasn’t very happy about the whole thing. Worked with Dale an hour then told him to come back after we’d eaten. Only needed another 15 minutes anyway. He’d done quite a bit of work + it was easy to whip into shape. However their would have been more point to it if I could have really pointed out the whys. Told him I couldn’t help him again in the evening. Dick + I watched the Pit + the Pendulum. Spooky. Bed at 11. The termite guy came today + will come again on the 22nd for the mice.