Slept again ’til 8:30 as I couldn’t eat or drink anything before my lab appt. Went to West Charleston Medical Center, had an E.K.G. left a specimen and a large size blood sample. Went from there to Vegas Village for coffee + then Basco’s. Bought gifts for Newcomb + Anne, Larry, Susan + Bisy (got all 3 children watches), a mug for Mather + a glass icer for John Keenan. Then back to Vegas Village where I got a corn popper for Edie, a puzzle for Johnny K. and a microscope for Lincoln Next stop Safeway for groceries and home Call from Snicks who wasn’t in when I returned it – Dick home about 4:00 – Dale brought the V.W home but his Mother wouldn’t let him come over to work on his story. guess that’s Their business but it’s due on Thursday. Dick + I went to the Stop’n’go for some wine + fresca + soda Home. I fixed pork chops in cider for dinner and a zucchini casserole We watched TV and I got together two packages – one for Jim + Hil + family and one for Newcomb + Anne et al. Watched a rather good show. “Daughter of the Mind” – Then the Invaders by which time it was eleven. Bed.