Mather Cleveland the 2nd born to Newcomb + Anne.

Dick let me sleep and I didn’t wake til Pat Robeson called at 9:30. Got up + didn’t feel as awful as I should have. Called Bentley’s office + made appt for a checkup. Lab tomorrow and appt. Thursday. Called George Gill to cancel the rest of the carpet. Estelle invited us to dinner tomorrow night but I felt we’d been a little too social lately. Dick home early (the ground was frozen) + brought me 2 Christmas presents. A big handbag and a lovely evening purse. I called Dr. Zorn at the University and can’t say I felt I’d contributed anything to his day. Called Drue at work and got her parents’ address in Maine. She had Scotty’s at home so I said I’d call back. I paid our Mortgage here and on Lookout Mt. Our household acct down to $17.00. Dick gave me $140 in cash when he came home. I called Jerry Douzat. Spoke with Joy + told her that Dick was going to handle the yard work. Pat Robeson came over about one o’clock + Dick fixed hamburgers for us all. After Pat left Dick took me to the airport + we mailed gifts to Dick + Drue, Taylors, Mary Parker, Mary + Saul. Debbie + David + the Enelows. Stopped at the Stop’n’go + then home. Called Drue again + then we lay down and napped + read until 7 o’clock. Fixed Steak, watched gunsmoke – Dale came over to take the VW to school + we went to the Riviera to meet Joan + Edgar. Archie Walker there. I gave them a copy of the Lion is Busy and asked Edgar if he knew any publishers. Told them the story. Very funny evening – told Brass Tail + Tic folder stories – Joan told about Blumenthal buttons etc. She gave us her album and a picture that I’d asked for. They invited us to dinner on the 27th in New York. We had a really Good time. Stopped at the Elbow room for a nightcap + came home –