We stayed in bed til about ten, having coffee + reading the papers. Dick went to Wonder World + bought a handsome egg poacher + we had a nice big breakfast. I haven’t written in my diary for almost a month so got together a few lists + filled in the last week. Dick washed both cars. I made reservations for Leon + Magda, wrote Bill Wellborne + tried to call Jerry Douzat but no answer. We really don’t need him. I also tried to call Druscilla and Annie but no answer there either. Leon called + was afraid he would be inconveniencing us. We told him we were looking forward to the visit. Adrienne Ames called + said an agent had come to town + Joan was going to be tied up tonight. I told her that worked out perfectly for us + we’d see her tomorrow. We went to the Turners about 4 o’clock. Funny party. Nobody knew anybody. Really liked Pat + Tom Turner. Annabel Miller a dear + her husband Jack seemed nice. Alice Turner + Lucille Brown came in at the end. I’d hoped Dr. Zorn would be there but he didn’t show. However a dear named Tony Saville (?) told me to call him – that he’d like” it. Met Del Wade + a few other nice people especially a Bob Gelhart (?) who teaches retarded children – We went to the Pub + had a drink + dinner with a bottle of wine + a half. I won $16 in The Big Wheel machine. Hit a joker twice. We bought 3 bottles of wine with my second windfall + came home + got drunk.