Went to Gloria Marshall’s Have gained 1 1/2″ on my waist despite a pound lost. Must start exercises. Went with Pat to Penney’s for coffee. Bought some gifts – cork-pops for Jimmy, Dick Jennings + Dick. Coasters for Mary Jean + Drue. Went to EtCetra + bought some beautiful ashtrays for Co + Russell, a statue of Nixon for Jimmy + Hil an ashtray for [crossed out words] the new room + some wine bottle necklets. Came home. Pat here grading papers. Wendy here with Christie. Had to keep the dogs out. Wrapped gifts. Got pkges ready for Annie, Dr. + Mrs. Sullivan, Luise, Harriet Millie + Ike, Elizabeth + Henry + Estelle + Sue + Carl? Adrienne Ames, Joan Rivers’ sect’y called + wondered if we could meet Joan + Edgar tonight or maybe another evening. I said tonight wd. be fine. Just then Dick came home + said No. Sunday night. I was upset + he said he didn’t give a damn when we saw them + left. Adrienne called back + said Sunday would be fine. They’re leaving on Tuesday morning and I felt just awfully. Blah Blah Blah. Went to the post office at the airport + got the pkges off. Then to Safeway to shop. Came home at about 4. Worked on cards. Wrote Millie, Bruce Sheffield + [crossed out word] David + Debbie with checks. Called Mary for D+D’s address + found out she’d bought the Beatles book for Margie. Glad I’d called. Dick brought home cold cuts so we had sandwiches for dinner. I’d simmered down + we watched TV + I wrapped presents. I’ve got a respectable start.