Called Julie + told her I’d take her to the airport. Took a few inside pictures to finish up the roll of film. Went + got Julie + checked her in at the airport then drove her to our house – just did a quick turn thru the driveway + back to the airport. Dogs mystified. I really like Julie. She reminds me of Rita + I hope we meet again. Went to the Sav-on Drug store next to the Safeway + to my surprise ended up buying alot of presents there – Millie + Ike, Eliz + Henry. Some traveling kits for Annie + psychedelic lipsticks + perfumes stuff for Carl + Sue and a heavenly shave lotion for Geo. Michels Came home after getting groceries + washed + blocked socks for George Hall. Took film to Penney’s went to he bank + deposited Carolyn’s check Bought 5 copies of “5 smooth stones” – 5 copies of a new book with all the Beatles Lyrics, a spanish version of What do you say, dear?” at B. Dalton’s. Bought a food pkge at Hickory Farms for Carl + Sue and then went to the B’way to look for a stole for Mom Michels. Ended up buying a dear little outfit for Cotton and a scarf + cap for Jessie Also a very pretty dressing gown for Luise. Dick helped me unload when I got back. didn’t do any cards but got started wrapping presents. We had stuffed peppers for dinner but Tony Carillo came by + gave us alot of Jehovah’s Witness talk and it got to be more than I could take. Was very glad to see him leave. We watched some TV + went to bed.