Had planned to go to Gloria Marshall’s but didn’t called in. Called Pat + then I called Bill Wellborne to tell him I’d sent his check off to the V.A. Hospital We had a pretty good chat + I thought he sounded in not too bad shape. George Crank had finally returned his Mss. + he’d reread it + was carrying it loose down the street when a heavy wind came along + blew it all over the place. he let it lie. Oh God I wish that book would see print. I finished the 2nd sock for George + read another detective story while doing it. Then took the paper decorations over to Sue Winn. I ended up staying there over an hour. She’s certainly a strange girl + even more certainly a lonely one. Came home + finally got started with a few cards. Changed sheets + did some laundry. Took stuff to cleaners etc. + blah blah. Clark + Dale started work today but only at 4 o’clock. They managed to get alot raked + it was dark when they’d finished. Dale asked if I’d help him on a story for school + I said yes. He’d “been thinking of writing about something like The Sharon Tate murders.” I suggested he try something a little closer to home. He said he couldn’t think of anything. I asked about his job at Pantry Pride + he remembered he’d been working there when somebody hid out upstairs last summer. The place was swarming with police + it was all front page news! We had veal parmiagian for dinner. Nothing on TV + we went to bed early.

Spoke with Magda + Leon – they’re going to come next weekend