Funny column in the Sun today. Ann Landers. about the mimeographed. Christmas letter. Took it to Van Tobels + had 10 copies made. I picked Julie Aranel up about 10 o’clock + took her over to see Circus Circus. Nothing going on but she at least got the picture. We went for a quick spin downtown + then back for an 11 o’clock meeting. Their official opening is tomorrow night. I cashed a check + came home. Took a few pictures of the house. A heavenly clear day. Swept the front porch and did a few odds + ends. Finished “Five Smooth Stones” I really loved it. Also finished one of George’s socks. Dick home. We talked about the back yard + what a mess it was + Lo! there came a knocking on the door. Dale + Clark Isom looking for odd jobs to pick up a little cash for Christmas. We hired them to start tomorrow. We had the rest of the roast beef for dinner only I didn’t get it not enough. We watched a National Geographic documentary on Siberia. Really excellent. Then bed + read for a while