John Young came over today about 10:00. Phil had arrived first + he + Dick and a friend from New Mexico went off at 8. Dick had said he + George would be back for coffee but they never came. Had a nice visit with John who seems much the same although I’d forgotten how funny he is. He’s married now with 2 small sons. He was on his way to Boulder Dam all alone in his first left hand drive on his first U.S. road. He left at about 11:45 + I got dressed + drove off to Alice Turner’s. We went in my car to the childrens’ Service League meeting which was quite interesting and I would like to become involved. Sat next to Sue Winn whom I didn’t recognize at first but then she said “Gloria Marshall’s + I recognized her. Took her phone no. Drove Alice Turner + Anabel Miller back to the Turner house + went in + had a mild drink with them + Mr. Turner. It’s all a little confusing or seemed to be but Mr (Clesse) turner + Annabel Miller are brother + Sister + Jack Miller + Tom Turner (Alice + Clesse’s son) are partners. Think I have it straight. Went to the Safeway + got us a pretty roast beef. Called Sue + will take some decorations over on Weds. Called Julie + made a date for tomorrow morning.