Slept late. Started working in library about 11 o’clock. Dick worked on the adding machine + got out all the receipts – came up with a total of 28,000 Figure it’s probably a little closer to 30,000. I paid Lazaro Mendoza + sent a gift subscription to N.H. Profiled to Lucille Brown + mailed a few change of address cards. Got some of my desk straightened out although it’s pretty chaotic. John Young, Annie’s friend from Australia called. He’s at the Dunes to see about taking the “Casino de Paris” to London. We made tentative date for tomorrow. Joyce Ryan also called. Was on her way back. She sounds great. We took back the adding machine + went to the house on Bonita. The paneling is really a lovely addition. Talked some with the people next door. Came home + had leisurely evening. Watched TV. Phil called from Albuquerque around 11:30. Was getting on a plane to come here. Dick so pleased. There’s alot of work lined up.