Wendy woke me at about 9:30. Let her in. Pretty hungover, helped clean the kitchen. Talked alot. About adopting etc. Wendy fixed me a “clam digger” I had two and then some vodka + bouillon. (a bull shot) Not too bright. Dick called + asked me to meet him at Bonita at about 12:30. Got there. Needed to pay Clyde Schreiber but all I had left in my acct was about $400. It’s going fast. Another $310 due. Ross Linebaugh was at the house putting up the paneling over the wall they’d sawed into and it looks great. We had some beer + sandwiches + I came home stopping en route for more beer + wine. Now about 3:30. Made Wendy join me for a beer + then Dick came home + finally Denny came over + we all just sat + had beer + wine til about 5:30 when they left. Needless to say, I was high as a kite. We were going to see “Hair” + had planned to nap but knew if we did we’d never make it. Threw something together for dinner + Dick sent for a Pizza.  “Hair” started at 9:00. Dick kept falling asleep. I was wide awake but utterly unable to grasp anything. Great Kaleidescopic blur. We left after first act. Had an orange freeze + then went home as we didn’t have enough money for anything else. We took a cab both ways. Home + coffee + a snack + bed. I think I’ll try to see the show again.