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Slept latish. Started working on dinner about 11 o’clock. Got all the little onions peeled, + the relish tray fixed. Made 3 apple crumb pies and we took one over to the Isoms and one to Ed + Casey who asked us in for a drink (so did Betty Isom but Dick was already at the Kulicks) Casey’s sister + brother in-law there + we had 2 drinks with them. Very mild but too much for me in the middle of the day. Seconds after we got home Jimmy + Alta stopped by to leave a pie and a bottle of crẽme de menthe. I thought they’d arrived for dinner 2 hours early + almost had a heart attack. Drank alot of coffee. We put the extra leaves in the table + Dick bought some champagne glasses for the Cold Duck + 3 cookie sheets for the rolls. Jack + Joyce came right after we’d called Daddy at Russell + Co’s in Riverdale.  Had nice chat + was glad we called. Jimmy + Alta soon after. I was in the kitchen + got very bugged about the conversation in the other room about the niggers + the jigaboos. That’s all Jack’s talk of course but I really hate it. and I didn’t much care for the more restrained comments of the others either. I started tensing up + slamming things around. Dick got correspondingly tense + angry with me. Cut himself badly as he started to carve the turkey. I took a miltown + made a conscious effort to calm down. The conversation had changed anyway. Turkey, creamed onions, peas + sweet potatoes baked with apricots, rolls + relish tray + pie. Too much too much. Drinks before, “Cold Duck” during, + more drink after. Drunk by the time it was over – Mary called + was very unhappy + drunk too. David going to be a C.O. too. She called before dinner + we talked quite a bit. Told her I’d call tomorrow.