Up early. Called City Hall for a sidewalk inspection on Bonita. Called Irene who had called for reservations + was going to get them confirmed thru Jim. Called Terminex about the mice. Called Timmy + we’re putting the visit off until after Christmas. So glad. Called Gloria M’s + talked with Jude. Larraine not in yet so rushed over to be re-evaluated. Not as bad as I’d feared. I’d lost a pound + only gained 3/4 of an inch. 1/2 on the waist and 1/4 on the abdomen. The place jammed so I left + went to the Blvd. Bought the duck lamp for Dick at the Broadway. The one I wanted for my desk was broken and a one of it’s kind. [crossed out word] Left my name + number. Bought a mirror for the library and some books at B. Dalton. Found one on the Cristiani family! Went to Safeway + came home. Ken Zinck called + I told him to call Sat. morning. We’re both tied up today + tomorrow. Read an Agatha Christie. Had a message that Annie had called + would call back. Bruce of Terminex pest control came over around one thirty and put tracking dust out for the mice all along the one trail I’m sure of – Kitchen to den. I tried to call Annie + after 2 busies + then a know answer she called me. About of all people Bob Keegan. He was nice enough but I’m afraid extremely ineffectual on that memorable USO trip + I said as much. Fortunately she’d gotten the same waves. Asked for Eddie’s ID + I gave her Amelia’s + the store. Think that would work out very well + hope Eddie’s interested. Dick came home with pastrami + corn beef + Jewish Rye + we made our supper of it instead of cooking. Whee. We watched some TV + went to bed early. He + George have some good jobs lined up + it looks great. He loved his lamp somewhat to me surprise but to my great gratification. I watched the romper room this am + if that’s what I’m being interviewed for I have my doubts.